Villa Sharp


Villa Sharp

A passage of water to move freely between fun and physical activity of the main swimming pool and a cozier corner of relax in the whirlpool spa.

Everything is designed for the great comfort in this unique location on the hills in Bee.

The counter-current system allows you to practice sports inside the swimming pool – its adjustable air jet creates a current that pushes you away from the pool edge and stimulates swimming even when you stand still.

Water, so a precious element, is therefore exploited in all its inclusiveness

Building structure
Reinforced concrete
Rectangular with L-shaped insert
14,00 x 5,00 mt
0,40 -1,40 mt
pvc Alkorplan light gray
Filtration and water treatment
Skimmer filtration 18 mc/h double system, quartz sand, salt treatment
6 jets hydromassage, counter current system, LED lighs, stainless steel heater exchanger

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Italian Pool Award 2024

Piscine Verbano premiata per la categoria Residenziale Indoor