Filtration and water treatment

The heart of your pool

The filtration system is the heart of your pool. A correct choice of your pool filtration system between skimmer or overflow pool grants you a pure and perfectly clear water. Piscine Verbano always choose the innovation.

Among the most interesting offers we find the salt treatment: the electrolysis of salt is a simple principle that reminds the sea and its ecosystem.

The water in the pool is slightly salty with 5 gr / lt (9 times less than the water of the sea) and thanks to the electrolysis process, the salt is transformed into gas chlorine, a powerful disinfectant that dissolves instantly in pool water. The salt treatment means more natural water and avoids smell of chlorine, skin irritation and loss of tan.

For the pool filter we use the revolutionary AFM active glass bio-resistant for a crystal-clear water and a saving in the use of chemical products.

For the most innovative swimming pool implants and public facilities, there is the integrated system Dryden Aqua Daisy – a perfect synergy between all the filter elements that permits bacterial prevention and grant a perfect pure water.

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