House and Pool

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House and Pool

The crystalline water reflections on the Lake of Mergozzo, a precious garden inside an oasis of pure relax and a spectacular pool to dive in.

A swimming pool with a classic soul with a skimmer filtration system and the revolutionary AFM filter glass-based material that grants a pure and clear water.

The light sand color of the pool matches perfectly with the green of the surrounding nature.

At nightfall, the suggestive LED lighting makes the pool a magical place to dream of a last regenerating bath.

Studio Bertinotti
Building Company
Bellani srl
Building structure
Reinforced concrete
Rectangular with stairs
12,25 x 7,70 mt
0,25 -1,20 mt
Alkorplan pvc sand color
Filtration and water treatment
Skimmer mc32/h, afm glass sand, chlorine
Led lighting

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Italian Pool Award 2024

Piscine Verbano premiata per la categoria Residenziale Indoor