Standing in the blue between sky and lake

Private Pools

Standing in the blue between sky and lake

A private swimming pool overlooking a terrace on the lake.

A unique design project with geometries and water features.

On the wall, three elegant blades of water form a spectacular waterfall that can be used as wellness element for a pleasant massage or just as pure piece of art to admire.

The opposite infinity pool side is a perfect panorama in continuity with the lake, all the elements match in an incredible scenery colored in blue.

The system equipped with pool water heating with electric pump allows you a more pleasant bath, extending the pool season – water vapor mixes with clouds, forming an even more incredible scenography.

Building structure
Reinforced concrete
11,00 x 3,60 mt
1,50 mt
Tiles, Arredo Jolly
Filtration and water treatment
Overflow pool mc16 / h, quartz sand, salt treatment
Blades water cascades, multicolor led lighs, electrical heating pump

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Italian Pool Award 2024

Piscine Verbano premiata per la categoria Residenziale Indoor