Fully immersed among nature

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Fully immersed among nature

A project that goes far beyond a simple construction of a swimming pool, a real challenge of creating a green oasis where introduce the water element.

A cozy area where the nature takes over the other elements: stone, wood, marble, metal wires that thanks to artistic weaves are transformed into ibex, a lush pond with aquatic plants and in the center, in perfect harmony, the mass of water of a pool.

Just at your first glance, you are fully-immersed in this precious landscape, until your eyes get lost in the pool waterfall with an infinity horizon, capturing the outlines of the lake.

Building structure
Reinforced concrete
20,00 x 5,00 mt
0,60 x 1,45 mt
Filtration and water treatment
Infinity filtration, quartz sand, oxygen treatment
Automatic underground pool cover, LED lighs, heater exchanger
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Italian Pool Award 2024

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