A Relaxing Embrace

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A Relaxing Embrace

Since the dawn of time water means well-being and sociability.

A modern and warm swimming pool offer you emotional paths, desgined to grant a full confort experience.

Massage waterfalls and an innovative hydromassage arena, equipped with elegant inox benches.

A relaxing embrace to forget all your worries! 

Arch. Ioppolo
Building Company
Bellani S.R.L.
Reinforced waterproof Concrete
Free with 2 internal stairs
19,00 x 6,40 mt
1,40 mt
PVC Alkorplan Touch Prestige
Filtration and water treatment
Perimeter overflow 44 mc/h, AFM filtering layers automatic water treatment with liquid chlor and BAYROL Pool Manager control unit.
4 spot and 4 minispot LED lighting.
Hydromassage 12 Jet.
3 INOX chaise longue air massage.
2 INOX waterfall.

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Italian Pool Award 2024

Piscine Verbano premiata per la categoria Residenziale Indoor