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Giving shape to water.

In Baveno, on a terrace overlooking the lake, the swimming pool of this elegant tourist complex plays with geometry.

An emotional design residence immersed in the colors and scents of a blooming garden.

A context surrounded by green that takes life when the pool becomes a place of fun.

The comfortable staircase makes the pool even more functional – the colors of the Touch prestige light gray lining and the choice of materials give that touch of elegance.

A real dive into the relax just a step away from the beautiful locations of Lake Maggiore.

Building structure
Reinforced concrete
Rectangular with stairs
9,00 x 5,00 mt
1,40 mt
pvc touch prestige
Filtration and water treatment
Skimmer mc 32 public pool law, Afm glass sand, chlorine automatic treatment BAYROL
Led lighting

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