Immerse yourself in history

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Immerse yourself in history

Design and tradition – an ancient Sforza castle among the rice fields, a design challenge respecting history and traditions.

The original architectural elements have been perfectly combined into the pool and spa project, thanks to the use of natural materials.

Wood, marble and crystal give shape to a modern wellness.

The outdoor swimming pool surrounded by the green of a rich garden and the indoor spa, built in the old horses’ stable of the castle, reminding ancient atmospheres.

Among impressive columns and marble benches we find hot whirlpool spa, a cold-water spa,salt water SPA, a Kneipp path and a Turkish bath.

Immerse yourself in history and in total relaxation.

Pool structure
11,00 X 3,20 mt
1,40 mt
Alkorplan pvc sand color
Filtration and water treatment
Skimmer 10mc/h, afm glass sand, salt
Automatic pool cover, heater exchanger

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Italian Pool Award 2024

Piscine Verbano premiata per la categoria Residenziale Indoor