Piscine Verbano projects and realizes different kind of pools – outdoor pools, indoor pools, public and private pools. In addition Piscine Verbano can provide professional assistance and can offer solutions for your wellness with saunas, Turkish baths (steam rooms) and whirlpools.



Piscine Verbano is the new dealer JACUZZI, a world leader in the development of spas.

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Construction Techniques

Concrete pools
Pool market offers many different building techniques for prefabricated pool structures. The best solution will be reinforced concrete thanks to its qualities of solidity, robustness and flexibility. The concrete structure is the ideal support for the final installation of ceramic or mosaic tiles or stone tiles. Tiles allow you to enrich your pool with high class design and elegance. A CAREFUL STATIC CALCULATION IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE PREPARATION OF A CONCRETE POOL.

Pre-fabricated pools "TERMOBLOCK"
A good alternative to the traditional reinforced concrete technique, will be the TERMOBLOCK system. Piscine Verbano offers this special technique, able to combine the static qualities of traditional reinforced concrete with the more practical and the cheaper features of these light prefabricated polystyrene blocks. The greatest advantage of the TERMOBLOCK technique is its high coefficient of thermal insulation - that allows to save on pool heating and to prevent loss of heating in case of sudden summer storms. Termoblock system supports installation of pvc lining.

Prefabricated pools "STEEL"
STEEL swimming pool are built with special galvanized steel panels. This construction technique is quite simple and fast , and it is particularly economic. This type of steel structure may be applied if there are no special static requirements or problems.

Once you had built your pool , you must think about the final coating. The reinforced concrete structures can be coated with ceramic or mosaic tiles or natural materials such as stones. Tiles need a special sealing and waterproof isolation treatment with special coating . Prefabricated structures can be coated with reinforced PVC lining 1.5 mm thick brand ALKORPLAN. Pvc lining is installed with hot welding and a final liquid pvc chemical sealing. There are many others possible coating techniques and solutions - the most important thing is to combine building structure with your esthetical desire.

The heart of your pool is the filtration system and the water treatment. So the choose of the best filtration system is really important. Skimmer or overflow filtration system, a study of the right implant to ensures the right water treatment. Programming the pressure test of the pool piping system is very important during the realization of your pool. This test grant you the good success of the work , avoiding future problems of leakages. The filtration system can be placed in an existing technical room or in a prefabricated structure.

The edge of your swimming pool can be completed with multiple materials. Surely you will have to estimate the aesthetic impact of the finishing , also in relation to the overall project. The right pool stones will add elegance and class to your pool's project . The floor around the pool must be frost -resistance, ensure a non-slip surface but must avoid the feet -burn in the sun.