Piscine Verbano projects and realizes different kind of pools – outdoor pools, indoor pools, public and private pools. In addition Piscine Verbano can provide professional assistance and can offer solutions for your wellness with saunas, Turkish baths (steam rooms) and whirlpools.



Piscine Verbano is the new dealer JACUZZI, a world leader in the development of spas.

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Piscine Verbano - Jacuzzi e il benessere, saune e minipiscine.
Jacuzzi wellness
Spend more time within the walls of your house to pamper yourself in a warm and private area of relax. An area to feed your needs. A sauna, a turkish bath or spa whirlpool is enough to start a lovely journey into wellness, moving all your five senses with lights, colors, sounds and aromas. You can stage your authentic emotional scenes. Each element is designed to accomplish the costumers wellness desires , never forgetting technological quality.

Jacuzzi spas
Jacuzzi spas, thanks to their therapeutic water massage , help to tone, smooth and relax the body tissues, with great benefit for the human internal organs. The pressure of the massages on the body stimulates the release of endorphins, creating a sensation of pleasure and relaxation. Both prefabricated or luxury fitted built- in spas can stand indoor or outdoor, becoming a real private beauty and heath center.

Saunas and steam baths
Saunas stimulate the rebalancing of your psychophysical conditions and regulate all physiological processes. The regular use of a sauna allows the body to regenerate and tone up, improving blood circulation and downloading the nervous tension. Piscine Verbano has selected the best material and the most reliable technologies, with the possibility to study your personal sauna area. Traditional saunas, infrared saunas or biosaunas. Since Ancient Egyptian times , the humankind knows perfectly the beneficial effects of heat baths and steam- the Turkish bath takes its name from the Ancient Eastern tradition of taking steam baths, a real religious rite of cleansing the body. The Turkish bath with a temperature of about 45 and 100% humidity , forces an intense sweating, with an effective deep cleansing of the skin. It helps also to eliminates body toxins and decongest the air - breathing system , generating a new body vigor and a general wellbeing for the entire body.