Piscine Verbano projects and realizes different kind of pools – outdoor pools, indoor pools, public and private pools. In addition Piscine Verbano can provide professional assistance and can offer solutions for your wellness with saunas, Turkish baths (steam rooms) and whirlpools.



Piscine Verbano is the new dealer JACUZZI, a world leader in the development of spas.

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Accessories to better enjoy the pool

Ladders for swimming pool
The concrete stairways are the most comfortable and easiest access to your pool; they allow you to acclimatize gradually to the pool temperature and can be used as a real underwater sundeck area to rest in water and in the sun. Stainless steel ladders are another possible solution.

A diving board or a pool slide allow you to increase fun in your pool.

Stainless steel showers or solar showers for heating water.


Piscine Verbano is an official BAYROL dealer, the international leading brand for pool disinfection and water treatment. The right chemical treatment of the pool water is the key for the correct and healthy use of the pool. BAYROL offers a wide range of innovative chemical products and technologies for water treatment that can satisfy all your needs. Among Bayrol proposals we can find the salt pool treatment , the oxygen pool treatment and the more traditional chlorine pool treatment. Innovative "VariTab BAYROL" chlorine offers you four different treatments concentrated in one pill only - saving time and money. The second more common chemical pool treatment is with salt : salt electrolysis is a simple principle that remind us the sea and its ecosystem - , the pool water will be slightly salty , only 4gr per liter , around 9 times less salty than normal sea water. Through an electrolysis cell, the salt is converted into chlorine gas, a real powerful disinfectant that dissolves instantly into the pool water. The salt treatment allows you to treat your pool water in a very natural way , avoiding some chlorine negative aspects such as strong bleach odor, skin irritation and loss of your tan. Chemicals for pool water treatment, also with automatic dispensers.

The pool heating allows you to enjoy your pool bath in comfort, granting the constant temperature of your pool water. There are many heating solutions. The heating pumps eco- friendly with cheap electric costs . Solar panels: the most eco-friendly solution and low installation costs . Electric pool heaters: very fast heating for small volumes of water. Boilers: with the real possibility to use the existing house systems.

Swimming pool covers and automatic pool rollers
The telescopic or automatic pool covers have three main functions: the thermal control, the pool safety and the prevention of pool dirty. The telescopic covers also allow you to create an air-conditioned environment that allows you to extend the swimming season. Pool covers: summer covers for the thermal control , "automatic covers " an impressive finishing element of your pool, "winter covers " to protection the pool during the winter season.

Whirlpools and counter-current system
You can create an energizing area inside your pool where you can be massaged by water and air and detox your body with beneficial effects on your blood circulation. The counter-current system allows you to "enlarge" your pool and practice some physical activity in pleasant water. Turbo-jets and whirlpools to maximize the beneficial factors of the pool.

Robot automatic cleaner
The robot automatic cleaner allows you to enjoy your pool without the boring routine cleaning duties. Equipped with an independent engine and filtration system , it guarantees a great cleaning performance and easy exploitation. The best way to use the automatic cleaner is to put it in the pool at the evening, after your bath, and take it out the next morning. Intelligent automatic cleaners and mechanical cleaners for the perfect cleaning of your pool.

Pool lighting
Light your pool with halogen lights, mini-lights or led lights to create a charming atmosphere.